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Subscribe Now to Nogoum Records Official Channel https://bit.ly/2WQWx9M Lyrics by: Ayman Bahgat Amar | كلمات: ايمن بهجب قمر Composed by: Walid Saad | ألحان : وليد سعد Arranged and Mixed by: Mohamed Shafik | توزيع وميكساج : محمد شفيق Digital Mastering by: Amir Mahrous | ديجيتال ماستر : أمير محروس Music Executive Producer: Islam Ismail | منتج موسيقي منفذ: إسلام إسماعيل Recorded at Nogoum Records Studios | تم التسجيل بأستديوهات نجوم ريكوردز Photography: Emad Kassem | تصوير: عماد قاسم Video Lyrics Direction: Studio One Productions | ستوديو وان برودكشن Studio One Director: Shady Kasem | شادي قاسم Nogoum Records Director: Yasser Khalil Social Media Mgmt.| Mohamed Hussein – NRPD Service Providers Manager| Marian Nasr Digital Consultant | Emad Moussa PR Consultant | Hani Azab Official Radio Partner | Nogoum FM Official TV Partner | Nogoum FMTV Produced by Nogoum Records & Highway Media Production & Management إنتاج نجوم ريكوردزوهاي واي للإنتاج الفني والإدارة To enjoy this song as your call tone: Send 595392 to 9999 on Orange Send 700616 to 5555 on Vodafone للكول تون أبعت 595392 علي 9999 لعملاء أورانج للكول تون أبعت 700616علي 5555لعملاء فودافون كلمات الأغنية _______ هات الميزان .. وافرش يلا الكل هيتقاس واحسبلي مين .. بان في الشده ومين الهجاص عدوا اللي اكلوا.. في اطباقنا,وقطعوا في فروتنا من كل عشره خمستاشر .. في واحد ابن ناس مش بكتره المعارف .. لا ولا بعدد الصحاب حتي لو رسيت علي .. صاحبين , تلاته واللي خان ماهو عارف .. دة خساره فيه العتاب اشتراك في العز .. باعك ع البلاطه الخبيث مفضوح بخبثه .. والنضيف لامش بـ لبسه واللي صاحبه خسيس ولبسه .. بالسلامه كله واضح .. كله باين الامين مين.. م اللي خاين سوق نداله تعالي عاين .. عندي يااااما اللي يوم اديتله سرك .. واما جاتله الفرصه ضرك قصره عمر اللوم ماحرك .. حد خاين اللي كانوا اخوات شقايق .. كانو صحبه في وقت رايق دول رجاله في البطايق .. بس باااين الرخيص مش داري اصله .. هي دي ربايته وده اصله وشه غامق مهما غسله .. بميت صابونه عمر ما العيره تستخبه .. اللي شاري غير اللي ربا علي العموم عديتو حبه .. وسليتونا Song Lyrics: Ebn Nas “A good person” Bring the scale… lay it and come on everyone will be weighed Count for me… who was there during the tough times and who’s just pretending Those who ate passed… in our own plates and left us In every ten or fifteen, there’s only one good person I don’t like to know a lot of people… no, nor even count my friends Even if I focused on two or three friends There are those who betrayed… well, he knows that this is a loss he’ll pay for Being a good person… they just sell you out A sneaky person is exposed through his sneakiness A clean person, no not by his clothes, And the sneaky friend and his clothes Can leave It’s all obvious…it’s clear who’s honest And the traitors leave their friends Oh my The day you told them your secret, and when there was a chance to hurt you Life’s too short to regret such a thing… but you’re a traitor Those who were good brothers Were good friends at a peaceful time These are men in their ID’s… but looks like the cheap ones don’t know who they really are This is how they were raised at his origin His face is dirty no matter how much he cleans it With a hundred soaps A shameful life they’d hide from Those who live freely are not like those who raise Anyways, they gave us love and wasted our time. Follow Nogoum Records On: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NogoumRecords Twitter: https://twitter.com/NogoumRecords Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/NogoumRecords YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/nogoumrecords

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